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Aurora, owned and loved by Nicole Whitaker

Mishka & Tammy Jo
Mishka & Tammy Jo


Bandit and his sister Nikki
Owned and loved by Linda and Charles Kaiser

Daniel and Mischa

Daniel & Mischa

Odin is owned and loved by Joe Rittenhouse. Odin is out of Laiken/Indy 2018 litter.


Izzy is owned and loved by the Vaccarino family. She is Odin's sister.


Izzy & Odin at 8 weeks

Izzy-Odin 8wks

I picked up Klondike at Maple Lane in 2004.  After 10 years, 30 states, and 14 national parks, he is still as energetic as when he was a pup.

I do not know what I would do without him. I always know that visiting will take me a bit longer so his many admirers can pet and photograph him.

John Fairman
MyKindOf WeatherMyViewOfWorld


TEDDY.....washing the dishes is exhausting!
After my nap, I’m ready for a car ride.

auroraAURORA got her second shots last week, and is growing fast. We will be starting puppy class this week. Her colors have really started to darken as well.......Mallory

KODA 2012 037 Large Web view

KODA Owned & Loved by Kathy Bambach

KODA 2012 041 Large Web view

Laska 3 Large Web viewLASKA
~owned & Loved by Courtney Herzing

Laska 5 Large Web view

snowball Large Web viewSNOWBALLSnowball 2 Large Web view

Darwin and Einstein LWV-EEinstein and Darwin
get along really well. They love playing with each other inside and outside. They also snuggle up together to take naps. Thank you so much for bringing these amazing dogs into our lives.
Einstein and Darwin LWV-t copy

~Alexandria Zboyouski

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